Real Small Programs Part 2: AsmSfv

The next „real small program“ is a SFV Verifying utility. Its without doubt the smallest one flying around in the interwebz, and also one of the fastest, if not the fastest :) (ironically my quick tests showed its faster than both QuickSfv and RapidSfv hehe)

Among it’s features:

  • verifying crc32 sfv files very fast (coded entirely in win32asm)
  • Drag & Drop
  • can associate sfv extension
  • has nice colors :D
  • one thread per core by default, adjustable (makes it even more faster with more than one file :D)
  • no installation required, just unzip
  • cool about-box =)

This time it’s 17kB uncompressed size (which is even smaller than the following image):

Download: AsmSfv

Source: github

UPDATE Here are the comparisons I made:

size of executable files (only size of main executable, some bring shitloads of 
dlls with them)

AsmSfv v1.00		16 kB
AmoK SFV v1.04 		291kB	UI freezes while calculating
DF CrcSfv v1.3		243kB	UI freezes, extremely slow
Easy SFV Creator v2.7.0	648kB
FlashSFV v2.6		791kB
hKSFV v2.0.1		328kB	tries to find renamed files if there are missing one, nice =)
MooSFV v1.84		666kB	UI freezes, slow and even wrong  (guess not standarized CRC)
QuickPar v0.9.1		664kB
QuickSfv v2.36		101kB	i'm quicker as quick sfv, nice eh ;)
RetroSFV v1.2.1		3,18MB
SFV Checker		25kB	not starting, also needs to be placed in folder where sfv is
SFV Ninja v1.1.0	1,79MB	nice Ninja theme
SmartSFV v1.05		259kB	does not work at all, crashes on start
TurboSFV v3.2.0		1,86MB	verification doesnt seem to work

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